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Hospital Cash<i>Plus</i><br><sub>Health Insurance</sub>

Product Description

Dispenses daily cash payouts so you can focus on getting your health back on track.

Key features

  • Hospitalisation Cash Benefit
    Free yourself from financial worries with our hospital insurance. We pay cash benefits of up to $225,000 if you are hospitalised in Singapore and overseas, or outside of your home country.
  • Recuperation Cash Benefit
    Receive a well-wishing gift from us with $1,000 recuperation cash benefit paid out upon discharge from your hospital stay of at least 7 days.
  • Emergency Outpatient Benefit
    We reimburse you with up to $1,000 for emergency outpatient medical treatment expenses following an accident.

Plan highlights

Overseas Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
When you are overseas, Hospital CashPlus covers you for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of up to $200,000.

Discount on Renewal Premium
For every 12 months you stay claim-free, we reward you with 25% savings on your renewal premiums.

Doubled Daily Hospitalisation Cash benefit for Overseas Hospitalisation
Cash benefit is doubled to $600 if hospitalisation is outside Singapore or the insured person’s home country for up to 250 days i.e. $150,000 for any one disability

*Cover and limits are based on Platinum Plan.

24/7 Helpline
24/7 Helpline

Our emergency hotline ensures there is always someone to connect you to medical care and evacuation, no matter which time zone you are in.

Claims Made Easy
Claims Made Easy

We keep our process as simple as possible to bring your hospital insurance claim to a fair settlement.


Plan details

Basic Cover
COVERAGE Sum Insured
SIlver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan


Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit

Cash benefit for each full day of confinement in a Hospital due to Illness or Injury.

This benefit does not apply for any period where Benefit 2 or 3 applies. Maximum period for any one Disability: 500 days.

per day
per day
per day


Overseas Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit

Cash benefit for each full day of confinement in a Hospital outside Singapore and/or outside of the Insured Person's Home Country due to Illness or Injury.

This benefit does not apply for any period where Benefit 1 or 3 applies. Maximum period for any one Disability: 250 days.

per day
per day
per day


Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit

Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit doubled for each full day of confinement in the ICU of a Hospital. This benefit does not apply for any period where Benefit 1 or 2 applies. Maximum period for any one Disability: 60 days.

$200 per day $400 per day $600 per day

Aggregate Limits for Benefits 1 to 3

The maximum aggregate amount which we will pay for Benefits 1 to 3 in total for any Disability per Insured Person, regardless of the number of times the Policy is renewed.

Up to 
Up to 
Up to 


Recuperation Cash Benefit

A lump sum payment following an Insured Person's discharge from hospitalisation for 7 days or more.

$500  $1,000 


Emergency Outpatient Reimbursement Benefit as a result of an Accident

Reimbursement of outpatient medical treatment expenses due to an accident including follow-up expenses incurred up to 30 days from date of accident.

Up to
Up to


Overseas Emergency Medical Evacuation, Repatriation and/or Repatriation or Local Burial of Mortal Remains or Local Cremation

  Maximum limit per Insured Person
24-hour worldwide emergency medical evacuation and repatriation for an Insured Person with a Serious Medical Condition due to Illness or Injury outside Singapore and/or outside his/her Home Country. Includes repatriation or Local Burial of Mortal Remains or Local Cremation. Not
Up to
Up to
Maximum limit per Insured Person,
subject to per Insured Person’s limit
Up to
Up to


Death or Permanent and Total Disablement

$30,000  $50,000 
Important Notes:

Benefits 5 & 7 are subject to the occurrence of an Accident.

For further information on health insurance and what you should know before you make a purchase decision, please refer to the Guide to Health insurance produced by the Life Insurance Association and the General Insurance Association. Click here for the English or Chinese versions. Please note that you will be re-directed to a third party website and MSIG shall not be held responsible or liable for any content on these websites.

Age Band Annual Premium Per Insured Person (inclusive of 7% GST)
Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan

15 – 17

$173  $290  $463 

18 – 30

$209  $347  $554 

31 – 40

$247  $412  $659 

41 – 50

$338  $564  $905 

51 – 65 (Renewals only)

$478  $798  $1,274 

66 – 70 (Renewals only)

$526  $878  $1,401 

Enjoy 10% off annual premium when you sign up with your legal spouse or child at the same time. All persons to be insured in a family must be insured under the same plan. Premium rates will increase according to age and are not guaranteed. Age refers to age last birthday.


Important Notes:
  1. Eligibility:
    • Insured Person aged at least 18 years and below 51 years old
    • Insured Person's Dependant (legal spouse) aged at least 18 years and below 51 years old
    • Insured Person's Dependant (unmarried legal child) aged at least 15 days old after the date of normal healthy birth or 15 days after discharge in a normal healthy condition from the Hospital where birth took place, whichever is later, and below 18 years old, who is dependent upon the Insured Person for support with his/her Usual Country of Residence as Singapore
  2. Home Country means the country from which the Insured Person holds a passport. If there is more than one passport, then the country declared in the Application form will be deemed the Home Country.
  3. Latest age for enrolment is 50 years old and renewable up to age 70.
  4. Premium will increase according to the next higher age band.
  5. Cover excludes any pre-existing conditions as defined in the Policy.
  6. A Waiting Period of 30 days from the commencement of the insurance applies during which any claim arising from Illness is not covered. 
  7. Persons in uniformed groups or law enforcement personnel and occupations such as divers, rig workers, ship and air crew, construction workers, work involving explosives, hazardous gases are excluded from cover. For the full list of excluded occupations, please check with your regular insurance advisor or contact MSIG Insurance.
  8. Each Insured Person shall not be covered under more than one Hospital CashPlus insurance.
No. Questions & Answers

Under what circumstances can I claim benefits under Hospital CashPlus insurance?

This insurance pays in the event you are hospitalised from accidental injury or illness, anytime and anywhere in the world, provided:

  1. such injury or illness is not a pre-existing condition, or
  2. non-elective treatment, or
  3. an illness commencing after 30 days from an Insured Person's enrolment to this insurance.

What is a pre-existing condition?

This refers to any injury, illness, condition or symptom:

  1. for which treatment, medication, advice or diagnosis has been sought or received or was foreseeable prior to the commencement of cover for the Insured Person concerned under the Policy, or
  2. which presented signs or symptoms of which the Insured Person concerned was aware or should reasonably have been aware or which originated or existed, prior to the commencement of cover for the Insured Person concerned under the Policy.

If I plan to seek my medical treatment outside Singapore, can I make a claim under the Overseas Daily Hospitalisation Cash benefit?  

The Overseas Daily Hospitalisation Cash benefit does not cover elective medical treatment or non-emergency treatment outside of Singapore and/or outside your home country.


How does the 10% discount apply if my spouse or children enrol for cover after I have commenced the insurance?

The discount will apply upon the policy's renewal for all insured persons. It is, therefore, advantageous for you and your spouse/child to be enrolled at the same time and on the same plan.


Do I need to inform MSIG if I have a change of my occupation or recreation?

Yes. The cover and terms may be varied or discontinued if your new occupation and recreation is more hazardous than when you first proposed for insurance or if it falls within the excluded occupations and recreations in the policy. 


Will I be covered if I lived outside Singapore?

The cover lapses automatically if you lived outside Singapore for a continuous period of more than 90 days.


Will a foreigner who holds this insurance and is hospitalised while holidaying in his home country be entitled to the Overseas Daily Hospitalisation Cash benefit?

The benefit will not apply when he/she is in his/her home country. Only the Daily Hospitalisation Daily Cash benefit is payable.


What are the policy exclusions?

The key exclusions are war and terrorism, radioactive and nuclear activity, pre-existing conditions, routine medical examinations, pregnancy or childbirth or miscarriage, mental illness, full time military service, uniformed groups and occupations excluded under the insurance. The full details of the exclusions are contained in the policy.

Important Notice & Disclaimers

This page is for general information only. You should seek advice from a qualified advisor if in doubt. Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance are provided in the policy and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us here or visit GIA or SDIC.

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