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Product Description

Protect yourself against loss of income when you’re unable to work due to injury or illness. Freelancer CashPlus provides cash payout so you can focus on recovery when you’re hospitalised or on medical leave for a prolonged period of time.

Key features

  • Hospitalisation Cash Benefit
    Receive cash benefit of up to $120 per day up to 60 days, after the first 3 days, if you are hospitalised and unable to work due to injuries or illness.
  • Daily Outpatient Cash Benefit
    Receive cash benefit of up to $120 per day for each day of outpatient medical leave, after the first 5 days, if you are unable to work due to injuries or illness for up to 21 days. 

Freelancer Insurance Plan Highlights

Automatic Renewal
Cover continues with automatic renewal even after payout of the cash benefits.

Affordable Premiums
With weekly, monthly and annual policy payment options, premiums start from $6.89/week^.

Immediate Policy Issuance
Fast and straight-through online application process.

^Based on Basic Plan ($80 per day), aged 18-30, persons working indoor/in office, non-manual and usually administrative work.

simple to buy
Simple to Buy

No medical check-up, straight-through application and acceptance.

Claims Made Easy
Claims Made Easy

Submit your insurance claims online for quicker and simpler claims settlement.


Plan details

COVERAGE Basic Elite

Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefit

Excess period

Annual Maximum Payout

per day

3 days

60 days

per day

3 days

60 days

Daily Outpatient Cash Benefit

Excess period

Annual Maximum Payout

per day

5 days

21 days

per day

5 days

21 days

Total Annual Maximum Payout (1) and (2)

60 days 60 days
Important Notes:

For further information on health insurance and what you should know before you make a purchase decision, please refer to the Guide to Health insurance produced by the Life Insurance Association and the General Insurance Association. Click here for the English or Chinese versions. Please note that you will be re-directed to a third party website and MSIG shall not be held responsible or liable for any content on these websites.

No. Questions & Answers

Who can enrol for Freelancer CashPlus?

The policy is designed for self-employed persons (SEP) who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore, and aged 18 years and below 75 years.


What is the definition of self-employed persons (SEPs)?

SEPs means persons who operate their own trade or business regardless of whether they employ any paid workers and are not contributing family members. They generally have significant autonomy over what assignments to accept and how, when and where they work. They are also known as “freelancer” or “independent contractor”. They do not enjoy employee benefits for medical coverage and do not have paid outpatient sick leave or paid hospitalisation leave.


What is the Freelancer CashPlus policy?

It is an income protection plan which pays cash benefit for each day of valid medical leave if the self-employed person is unable to work due to injuries or illness resulting in:

a. hospitalisation, including hospitalisation leave up to 60 days, after the first 3 days.

b. outpatient treatment, including outpatient medical leave up to 21 days, after the first 5 days.

The total annual maximum payout for both benefits shall not exceed 60 days.

Please refer tot he Benefits table above for more information. 


What is an excess period and how does it work?

It refers to the period of time following an event that gives rise to a claim during which no benefits will be payable.

Example: If you are given:

a) 3 days medical leave by a General Practitioner, no benefits will be payable as this is within excess period of 5 days.

b) 7 days hospitalisation leave, you will be paid from the 4th day onwards to the 7th day of your hospitalisation leave, after taking into account the excess period of 3 days.


Is premium rates based on occupation?

Yes, the premium rates are based on the insured person’s occupation class.

Class 1 - Persons working indoor/in office, non-manual and usually administrative work.

Examples: Author, Blogger, Beauty consultant, Financial advisor, Freelance tutor, Insurance agent, IT and Web professional (developer, designer), Property agent, Professional services (accountant, consultant, lawyer, marketeer, etc)

Class 2 - Persons working outdoor and/or non-hazardous manual work (including, but not limited to Grab/Taxi drivers, food delivery and hawkers)

Examples: Caregiver, Delivery (by foot, car, van, truck), Event helper, Fitness trainer / Sports coach, Hawker owner, Photographer / Videographer, Personal shopper, Sales person, Shop proprietor, Taxi driver / Private-hire car driver, Tour guide.

Class 3 - Persons using motorcycle as a daily mode of transport (rider or pillion rider) or any person engaging in delivery work by bicycle

Class 4 - Persons engaged in delivery work by motorcycle


How do I determine my occupation class if I freelance in different roles at the same time?

Please select the highest occupation class based on the nature of your work.


Can I purchase multiple policies?

You can buy one Freelancer CashPlus insurance policy only.


Can I purchase this policy on behalf of someone else?

No, you can't.


Will I be covered if I lived outside Singapore?

Your policy will terminate if you live or intend to live in another country for more than six (6) consecutive months.


If I am no longer a self-employed person, will I still be covered?

Coverage will cease as you do not fulfil the eligibility of a SEP as defined in the policy. Please inform MSIG in writing on the change of your occupation status.


Can I change weekly policy to monthly or annual policy or vice versa?

Yes, you can change your policy type from weekly to monthly or annual by submitting your request in writing for the change. Frequency of payment is dependent on policy type.


Will there be a refund if I cancel the policy?

Refund of premium for the unexpired period of an annual policy is allowed based on the cancellation condition of the policy, subject to no claim made under the policy. There is no refund for cancellation of a weekly or monthly policy.


Must I inform MSIG to renew the Policy every year?

No. As long as you pay the premium and observe the terms and conditions of your policy, it will be renewed automatically. No renewal advice will be issued.


Can I make a claim for a medical certificate or hospitalisation incurred outside of Singapore?

No, the policy is only payable if the medical leave certification is issued by a registered general medical practitioner (GP), specialist practitioner or hospital’s physician in Singapore as a result of an illness or injury.


Important Notice & Disclaimers

This page is for general information only. You should seek advice from a qualified advisor if in doubt. Buying health insurance products that are not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future healthcare needs. Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance are provided in the policy and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us here or visit GIA or SDIC.


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