Selling Peace of Mind

04 Jun 2019

Irene Koh

The adage - I won’t sell what I won’t buy myself - is one that Irene Koh sticks true to.

As an Assistant Executive with the Agencies Department, Irene handles policy enquiries from customers under her care and helps prepare quotations. Prior to joining the MSIG family, Irene was an insurance agent herself which makes it easy to understand why she feels strongly on the importance of insurance.

“People often think that general insurance is about collecting premium and the matter is closed.” 

“I always make it a point to educate and emphasise that general insurance is there to protect you against unforeseen circumstances. A well-arranged policy can cover the Insured adequately and also minimise the Insured’s losses,” she adds.

Her personal encounters too with claimants who have benefitted from MSIG’s insurance coverage have further strengthened this belief. One of the claimants, she says, was so thankful that she came down in person to pass Irene a Christmas gift. Though Irene did not accept the gift in the end, such kind gesture motivates her and keeps her spirit up whenever she faces challenges. 

Selling insurance is after all no ordinary work. To differentiate herself from others, Irene sets a high service standard.

“When I sell a product, I want to have a peace of mind too that my customers understand the terms and conditions of the policy, and not just about the pricing,” she says. “I am in it to build a long-term relationship, not a short one which will die off fast because insurance is truly about service.”