With Grit and Determination

11 Jun 2021

Jasmine Lie

When you have numerous projects and deadlines to manage, it is easy for things to get out of control and break you. But not for Jasmine, our Senior Executive with the Digital Transformation Department.

Her secret to keeping on top of things? Prioritisation. 

"Be it from the beginning of the week or the beginning of the day, I will constantly prioritise the tasks on hand and work within the timeframe I have set to deliver the work," explains Jasmine. 

"This is crucial when you are leading and managing multiple projects at a time as each project will be in a different project life cycle. So, you could be conducting user acceptance test for a project while gathering requirements for another, or preparing communication materials for one and organising a stakeholder meeting for another." 

As part of the Digital Transformation team, Jasmine has worked on various projects such as digital payments, our chatbot - Mae, and a mobile application for our intermediaries. 

For Jasmine, the development of the mobile application for our intermediaries was one of the toughest and most memorable projects that she has worked on. "Apart from liaising with a vendor based overseas, we were all working on a tight resource. To overcome the teething problems in the application, we spent weeks of late nights, testing and troubleshooting. When we finally managed to get it to work one very late evening, we were so ecstatic, we even took a photograph of the success to commemorate the milestone!" recalls Jasmine excitedly. 

Each project milestone that Jasmine reached has become her motivation to push on harder to complete her assignment. And with each successful completion of a project, Jasmine is a step closer to debunking the myth that General Insurance cannot be digitlised. 

"Given the complexity of General Insurance products, people often feel that digitalising the processes and products is either challenging or impossible. While I acknowledge that the digitalisation journey is a long and arduous one, it is achievable if you have the willingness and grit to succeed." 

When one is willing, there is no stopping. As Jasmine defines it, no journey is smooth sailing but with grit, it can pull you through the challenges!