Going The Distance

23 May 2017

Nicholas Leong

What started out as a temporary job handling quotations has developed into a career journey spanning 8 years for Nicholas Leong, Senior Executive, Agencies. He revealed that at the beginning of his career at MSIG, he was offered a job at a logistics firm. Despite his background in logistics, he turned it down and decided to stay in the insurance industry. 

He cites the welcoming atmosphere – one he can’t get elsewhere – as a major motivation for working here. “I like that people here are not just sitting at their desks and facing computers all day. Everyone is moving, discussing and it is a dynamic environment,” he says.

Currently, Nicholas ensures that each agent delivers quality service and insurance knowledge to MSIG customers. A saturated agent market means he needs to maintain a good rapport with agents. As part of the sales campaign committee, he also helps to run campaigns throughout the year to entice agents to work with MSIG.

He believes in going the distance for MSIG’s customers. He recalls an instance where a customer’s motor insurance policy had lapsed and he required coverage with immediate effect. “I delivered the policy to his home after office hours. The look of relief on his face said it all. It might not seem like a big deal, but it meant a lot to him and he truly appreciated it.”